Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hydration Test #01

Tonight I tried out the camel back. Brian had one sitting in the closet that had only been used once. So I filled it up with a few ice cubes and cold tap water, got Darby all suited up in her head lamp and I with all of my reflective gear and we headed out. Tonight it was in the 50's and a little misty. I ran in shorts and a long sleeve tech shirt, I have not been without my jacket in months - spring is on the way! We started out walking to warm up and when we started jogging I thought the sloshing noise of the camel back was going to drive me crazy - when I run at night outside I don't wear my i-pod for safety. So I got used to the noise after a few minutes and we got into our groove. We treked out and back home for a total of 3.5 miles with an average pace of 13.12 on the runs (I did .5mile runs with 1min. walk breaks). The pace was ok, but it can be improved. I did notice that I was just getting into the groove when it was time to end, what an amazing feeling.

The camel back gets 4 out of 5 stars.


  • I have water when I 'need it'
  • It didn't rub.
  • It has pockets to carry stuff
  • I didn't notice that I was sweating any extra with it on my back.

  • Negatives:

    • The sloshing noise (which I was getting used to, almost like the rhythm of waves).
    • The taste of rubber (I will try a flavored water or adding a little lemon juice to knock back the taste).
    • The straps are built for a man - the only cross strap goes right above 'the girls' and makes for an awkward feeling (I'll get some spare straps from the camping kit and 'fashion' a contraption that should help).

    So, for a test run the camel back gets a passing grade. Tomorrow night at the track I will try the water bottle that I carry in my hand (it has a mesh handle that your palm slides in). I will also try a flavored water to see if I can handle it.

    I did also notice that I did not seem to drink that much water after all - I think it is just the knowledge that I have it accessible that is what I need. After all, I take a glass of ice water to bed every night and I might have a drink or two and that is it - I usually pour it out in the morning. So if I can carry a small amount and know that I have rest stations then I should be ready to run!

    Time to sign up for the Tacoma Half marathon - keep running!

    Monday, February 25, 2008

    Runner Girl...

    I forgot - I ordered a new t-shirt in preparation for the marathon.

    It will be a great addition to my running wardrobe!
    Brian is working on a personalized shirt for the race with my name on it so that people can cheer me on from the finish line. I am getting really pumped up!!!
    Guess I better get my travel plans in order, after all it is going to be here before I know it.

    L-O-N-G Run - Short Report (that was the idea)

    It has been awhile – I have been running (I even got a 13 mile run in with my brother while he was passing through town). I tried pilates (love them – and as Brian says, they taste good =)) and I went cross country skiing for the first time. Oh yeah, the car is fixed and we got a refund from the oil change store – life is back to normal – knock on wood – real wood too.

    Here is a run down of last weekend:
    Couch to 5k group on Saturday morning at Bradley Lake – logged about 2.3 miles (run/walk). They sure are progressing, they will all do great at the 5k!
    Saturday on the Orting trail – logged 15.5 miles starting about 10:00 and finishing around 2:00? For a Saturday total of almost 18 miles!!!!!
    Positives from the run:

    *Beautiful weather – mid-50’s with sunshine.

    *Smelling freshly cut grass.

    *Views of Mt. Rainer.

    *Chasing my shadow.
    *Nothing rubbed in places that they shouldn’t (thanks to the liberal application of body glide)
    *Talking to friends on speaker phone for ‘pep-talks’
    *NO blisters – the insoles are working!
    *Good songs on i-pod.
    *Making it up and down the hills just north of the McMillian trail head (they are not big, but after the drinking foundation incident).

    *very, very thirsty
    *hot tamales are not a good idea as something to suck on.
    *i-pod running playlist is not perfected. I NEED my Dixie Chicks- Goodbye Earl.
    *Did I mention very, very thirsty – chapped lips.
    *Walking more toward the end that running.
    *Hip was starting to give out, give me some pain.
    *Started to get hungry.
    *Drinking fountain at McMillian trail head was not on – I could see it from the trail for awhile and when I got to it, it was not working – that sure is not a good feeling. – contact people who maintain trail and ask when they will be turned on.

    What I took away from the run and what I will work on for next weekend:
    *Set up friends and family for mock aid-stations about every 2-4 miles.
    *Try out the camel back and a hand held water bottle on short runs this week to see what works the best.
    *Find a food that I can have at the aid stations. Some options are all natural fruit leather (no weird red paste like the hot tamales), green apple slices, bread product, pretzels w/ salt.
    *Layer clothes better so that I can shed a layer – or wear a visor to vent top of head.
    *Wear sunscreen on my neck (I covered the face last week, just not my neck and ears.)
    *Stay positive – this run has been my longest run to date and even though I had to walk some, I still made it.

    Plans for this week:
    Tuesday, run at the YMCA, do ab work, maybe an machine.
    Wednesday, run outside with Darby, try out the CamelBack.
    Thursday, run at Rogers track carrying water. Try fartlek (sp?) work
    Friday, pilates class
    Saturday, couch to 5k group and short run.
    Sunday – LONG RUN with my support groups on the Orting Trail!

    My bulbs are two inches out of the ground, how far are yours?