Thursday, July 24, 2008

through the woods, down the hill and over the river we go...

Well I survived last week – I won’t dive into my gastrointestinal issues (I took antibiotic for my sinus infection – which killed all of the good digestive things in my tummy, so when I started eating my normal menu full of fiber I felt like a big bloated blimp). God I love google – I’ve laid off fiber and I am eating enough live yogurt cultures to get back to normal. Needless to say I gained .6 lbs last week, but hey, I am listening to my body and I figured out what to change.

Last week I had a huge to-do-list, here is a recap….
mow the lawn - check, lavender festival - check, hiking near Mt. Rainier (maybe next weekend), running the Starbucks to Starbucks Y-club run on Sunday - check, hooking up my drip irrigation in the backyard (I thought about it, but didn’t do it), eating salad from the garden – check, kinda, I’ve been eating it for lunch this week, compiling a birthday package for my brother (which got mailed off earlier this week), download recipes (maybe on a cloudy day), grocery shopping (thanks Brian), washing the car (Brian and I both tackled it), ironing my skinny clothes for next week - check, start the concrete forms for the garden shed (yeah, not so much).

I ran with the Y-club on Sunday from Starbucks in Puyallup near the YMCA down the hill to the Starbucks in Sumner for a total of 6.58 miles. It is leg 1 of Michelle’s Grande-Ass Marathon, which I am running in as part of a relay team (each person’s leg is still to be determined). The group that showed up in the morning was the ‘fast’ group, I was a little nervous, but I had a map that George printed out and I was fine knowing that I was going to be a little slower. So we took off, about a ½ mile in Patch came back and started running with me – he said he wanted a little slower pace. So we weaved our way down the hill and through the valley, under the bridge and over the Sounder train tracks into downtown Sumner (and we did go through the woods, but not to grandmother’s house). I said hi to all of the other runners as they were taking off from the Sumner Starbucks and heading to the Starbucks by the river in Puyallup. I had a strong run and I didn’t want to push it too far (my tummy was still a little upset). Brian and Darby were waiting for me and we sat for a bit and skimmed through the newspaper in the sunshine – I love mornings like this. I did get a huge blister on the ball of my foot – probably 2” long. It is healing up and I guess I need to be paying more attention to my feet – does anyone give runner’s feet pedicures? ‘cause these babies need one!

Last night I met up with Wendy and we ran to the WW meeting and back for a nice 3.3 miles. I was up .6 pounds, but I am fine with a little up and down, slow and steady right?! – I am running a lot more, which is tricky to get enough fuel without going over my points, I’m a work –in-progress.

Tonight I am going to run on Ruston Way in Tacoma as I have CPR training until 7pm and can’t make it to the Y-club run at the track. I thought it would be nice to change it up a bit, plus I’ll be able to run in the daylight, I’ll run for an hour or maybe for 5 miles – we’ll see what the pace feels like.

Saturday we are planning on going to the Dog-a-thon and enjoying the day (oooh, maybe I can run it with Darby…). Sunday I’ll try to get in some miles – maybe 8 or so.

I also picked up my ‘run-macha-run’ bracelet from the farmer’s market at lunch – it will make me smile all day and through my run tonight – it made my day! I’ll post photos later (and the lady’s contact info in case anyone wants one – she can customize).

Until later,

Friday, July 18, 2008

a few more things

A few more things that I’ve been thinking about since yesterday.

Michelle reminded me of my first marathon description – I re-read it and got all misty eyed, I really needed that run to awaken me. I have so much that I want to do, experience, teach, learn. I really, really needed that experience in the canyon.

This weekend I am going to the lavender festival in Sequim – ah my love of lavender, anything that is lavender – lavender lemonade, lavender soap, lavender, lavender, lavender! Brian might be fighting fires, if so, then I’ll go on my own – oooh and maybe take my bike….

I ordered a bracelet from a lady at the farmer’s market at lunch yesterday and I can’t wait to pick it up next week (I know it sounds weird, but you’ll all want one once you see it). Photos will follow – I’ll SOOO excited. I also got some carrots, snap peas, blueberries and a basil plant, I’ll have to do some cooking this weekend.

A few weeks ago I read an article in Runner’s World about two mom’s training for a marathon and one of the ladies would pay herself a dollar for every mile she ran. After she finished the marathon she had $750 hard earned dollars to spend entirely guilt free and on herself. So, I started my stash at the beginning of July and I have $11 whole dollars saved (don’t forget I’ve been sick for a week and a half, so I haven’t been running too much). I also decided to up the ante and I will be taking my weekly weight loss and rounding up or down the number of pounds and stashing that also (I will need new clothes anyway). Then I thought I should have been doing this from the start of my weight loss, so in order to make up time, I am going to double my weight loss. So I’ve lost 3.2+1.8 *2 = $10!!! This is like the gold stars in first grade… it sounds lame, but once you get a gold star or twenty-one dollars in your stash it isn’t so lame. For security purposes I will not post my stash values =), but I will let you all know how much I get to spend after the Portland Marathon (oooh, and it is all sales tax free in Oregon)!

Oh yeah, I ran with the Y-club at the track/park last night and ran the park loop with Sydnee (she ran the Yakima marathon as her first also, she is young and fast). We got 3 miles in and according to her Garmin we did 11:40 min/miles – Holy guacamole!!!!! I was pushing it a little, but we were still carrying on a conversation, so I wasn’t totally maxed out. I know that on longer runs I will be a little slower, but it is really encouraging to get some fast times under my belt, especially after being sick for a week and a half.

Hopefully I’ll have some ‘after 20 lbs’ gone photos from this weekend – hmmm, what to do this weekend, here is my list (in no specific order and don’t worry- I make lists that I know that I cannot finish – that’s just me); mow the lawn, lavender festival, hiking near Mt. Rainier, running a leg of the Michelle's Grande Ass Marathon with the Y-club run on Sunday, hooking up my drip irrigation in the backyard, eating salad from the garden, compiling a birthday package for my brother, download recipes, grocery shopping, washing the car, ironing my skinny clothes for next week, start the concrete forms for the garden shed, hmmm, anything else…. We’ll see.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Run Macha Woman Run!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

10% of me is gone for good!

We’ll I’m back from my near death experience. It wasn’t that bad, but I did get a sinus infection that did not clear up until a few days ago. Sleep, the couch, the remote control and I made good friends last week and through the weekend. In the last post I had hoped that my ‘detox’ from vacation would work and it did – I lost 3.2 lbs and last night I weighed in and lost 1.8 more – drumroll here….. for a total of 20.2 lbs gone! I hit my 10% gone goal last night and I was thrilled.
Here are some positives from this weight loss experience:

  • I get to buy new clothes (even down to the undies ‘cause they don’t fit anymore either).
  • I have a ton more energy (last week not included).
  • I feel better about myself, which is weird because I never felt over weight before, just uncomfortable.
  • I am eating soooo much healthier and getting my body the fuel it needs to run faster and further.
  • I can run faster!

On my running, I didn’t get to run in Longview or Portland last weekend. I did make my father-in-law and Kent a poster for the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Ride but they beat me out of the rest stop and I missed them. I revamped the poster and gave it to them after they finished. I might want to try the STP next year, I could do it…. It is roughly 200 miles in two days – oh boy, here we go…. Ooh I could ride it with my ‘dads’. My dad rode it about 20 years ago, he might be up for it again. Look what happens when I’m sick and can’t run or work out, I start to plan for another goal (wait that’s a good thing right!).

My new running shoes are broken in (I’ve been wearing them even when I was sick because I really wanted to be running in them – what an addiction). So I am going to hit the track tonight and go for a short warm up run (and to make sure I don’t push it too hard and get sick again). I also made sure to pack my water belt to keep my pants up, the smaller size should be here on Friday! I'm going to sign up for another race this fall at lunch......
Happy Trails everyone!
Also, go and congratulate Michelle on her blog, she has lost 75 pounds and is a true inspiration … someday I want to be cool like her =)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

summer colds are no fun

Today is my weight watchers meeting and I am hoping for a loss. I have done really well this past week – I ran 7miles (with hopes of more but a cold got in the way), I ate all of my ‘flex’ points and I feel like the detox from vacation worked. Brian came home from fighting fires on Monday night and he was tired, I had caught a great head cold and was in and out of work the past couple of days just trying to survive so we are passing in the night again. I finished my training schedule over the long weekend, but I am now behind due to this crazy summer cold – so I’ll catch up in the next few weeks.
I did find some new running shoes, it was time, the last pair got me through my first marathon and I didn’t want to have to get new shoes right before the next one. I might try to find a second pair in a month or two so that I can alternate them – we’ll see.

I ran the 4 on the 4th in Steilacoom and I really enjoyed the morning run. There were booths set up and I did some window shopping before the run. I also ran the 4 miles in 47min. under a 12 min. mile !!!!! I was so proud of myself, I even made it up the hill to the finish without stopping. Michelle finished under 40 min – single digits miles – she is going to have to change her name from ‘Back of the Pack’ to speedy Gonzales….. it is great to see her smiling and enjoying her fast pace.

My father-in-law is doing the Seattle to Portland bicycle race this weekend and we might be a support vehicle which means I could run in Longview and in Portland this weekend, it sure would be nice to run in Portland before the marathon (I mean it would be great to be his support staff and see him finish =)). Hopefully we’ll be able to help, I just hope I don’t get the bug and decide I want to try the race next year – I should prepare Brian for this now…..
Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful summer weather. I’ll kick this cold to the curb – I’ve had enough rest for awhile and I really NEED to go running.

Go macha, go!!! Sniff, cough, sniff…..

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I went to the WW meeting last night and I gained….. 1.8 lbs. – at least I’m still at 15 lbs. lost – and hey, life happens, next vacation I will be more active and eat more wisely. I’m glad that Wendy decided to join me at the meeting, I think she will enjoy it and I know that having her there last night made the gain bearable (otherwise I would have beat myself up during the whole meeting). Now that I am home from vacation, I am totally on track again, all of my ‘safe’ foods are ready, I can pack my lunch and I have fruit again. Although I am having a triple latte this morning as I still have not caught up on my sleep and last night we had thunderstorms and lighting, so I didn’t sleep too soundly. Both Michelle’s gave great pep talks – thank you for the comments, support is key on this journey.

My husband is off fighting wildfires in Eastern Washington (he left a few hours after I got home from Alaska), so my nerves are a little more rattled than normal, but he loves his job and knows to be safe. I am planning on running tonight at the track with Wendy and I will probably get in a long run or two this weekend, oooh and maybe a quick hike with Darby on the 4th. I will work the 1.8 lbs off before I know it!
I’ll get some photos up soon, have a great 4th everyone and steer clear of the potato salad – it will kill ya…

This is not a great photo, but here is Wendy and I finishing the Tacoma Half Marathon in the beginning of May (before the weight loss journey began – I can’t wait for my race photo at Portland – remember… lean mean running machine!!!!!)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Well, Michelle has asked where have I been? Well, I am working today on three hours of sleep after coming home from Anchorage last night. My Dad and I went to visit my brother for a long weekend (he is stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Base for a three year stint). I have some cool photos to post – we have a great group of men and women serving us in the skies, everyone should be greatful that they have decided to serve our country.

Let’s go back to last week, I ran out of time to post but I had an awesome WW meeting last Wednesday night – I am down 17 pounds total !!!! I talked with my leader the week before and mentioned my lack of energy, especially when I’m running and she told me to eat more – yes, eat more (this is a diet? – no remember, a lifestyle change, healthy eating, a new world). So the ‘eating more’ really helped, I made sure to get my full points in for each day and try to use my flex points for the week. I also made sure to try and eat more meat for the protein. Anyway, it was a losing week, about 2+ pounds – I’m too tired to look in my book, maybe later.

Thursday I picked up Darby the dog from her full day at doggie daycare and we made our way to the local high school track to meet up with the Y-club, but I was running late so we did a few laps around the track and Brian picked her up so I could keep running. I ran out through the trail, passing by Linda who said she didn’t recognize me as she tapped on her hips – what a compliment and also a reminder that I need to be running with the group more. I ran for 48 minutes and completed 4 miles for a 12min/mile – which for me is 2min/mile faster than before I started losing weight. I didn’t feel like I was speeding up, my body must just be able to move faster with the same amount of effort and less weight to move – this is very encouraging for me, maybe I’ll be able to keep up with everyone now, and maybe after losing even more weight, get even faster!

Friday was a busy day, it was Alpaca shearing day at my parents farm. We had 14 animals to shear, collect wool, trim toe nails and wrangle in the pastures. The lady shearing was tough and weathered, but truly seemed to care for each animal as if it were her own. The weather was really warm and we were tired, dusty and just plain beat. After we finished (8am-5pm) my Dad and I headed off to the airport to catch our 8:30 flight to Anchorage – we were beat.

Saturday was the air show at Elmendorf – we even got to watch the Thunderbirds fly, my brother joined us (he had to work most of the day). Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we hung out with my brother – taking him grocery shopping, buying him a houseplant, sight-seeing, having a fun time just hanging out. He sure has grown up a lot – it’s weird to think that he has his own place, his own life, he is a grown up – a responsible one at that! I might get some photos up from our weekend later.

As far as running while in Anchorage – I took all of my running clothes and it was light out for 20+ hours a day and there was a trail very close to my brother’s house, but did I run, nope – I turned into the ‘bump-on-a-log-Jessica’ that I used to be. I really should have ran, but I was enjoying time with my Dad and brother, guess sometimes that is the important stuff. I did try to eat right while gone, but eating breakfast out is really hard – especially at greasy diners. I did fairly well at dinner – one night at Applebee’s I got a WW point meal and I got a turkey burger at Red Robin (only because they were out of Garden burgers). I did cave on Tuesday and had some Kraft Macaroni and cheese (hey I was in a bachelor’s house…), but I did only have half the box instead of the whole thing – and I balanced it out with a salad at Chili’s in the airport that was 11 points. I did realize that I am much happier, fuller, feel skinnier when I eat better, I was starting to feel sluggish and I was craving broccoli and grapes. Oh well, how often do I get to hang out with my ‘little’ brother and my Dad like that.

Tonight is a WW meeting and I will be going with Wendy, who has been doing the program online. I am glad she’ll be attending the meetings – maybe we can even run to them together. I am a little nervous though – it was a really heavy eating weekend (the first real time I know that I went over my points – how much are hashbrowns in oil anyway) and I have my ‘friend’ visiting, which usually puts be at a lower weight loss on its own. At least I know that I want to continue the weight loss journey and that the feelings of missing it was a great indicator that I didn’t ‘fall off the wagon’ but that I should have prepared for the vacation a lot better. Anyway, I bought a Runner’s World Magazine in the airport and here are a few highlights that kicked me into gear:

  • Finalize my training schedule for the Portland Marathon – print it out and carry it with me.
  • Work on my i-pod playlists – use the article as reference for additional songs.
  • Look into marathon in Las Vegas in early December.
  • Look into the Olympic Dualathon at Black Diamond in September (40k bike and 10k run).

Here is to family, friends and happy memories.
I’ll get photos and more info on here once I get more than 3 hrs of sleep….