Wednesday, September 24, 2008

turning the ship around....

I made it through the thick of the cold and now I'm kicking it out the door. I am finally starting to feel like my energy is coming back. So tonight I decided that I needed to get the toilet out of the downstairs bathroom (as I started tearing apart the bathroom weeks ago). I drained the water out and thought a few times about googling 'how to remove a toilet' but went for it all on my own (Brian is out fishing with his Dad for a few days). I got that toilet off the wax ring, shoved an old towel in the hole and sat back in amazement - I did it! I told the dog (hey, I talk to the dog when I'm home alone, so what) how cool I was that I mastered removing the toilet! And as soon as I got the words out, the toilet tipped over and the tank shattered into a zillion pieces - awwww crap! And as some know, this is truly amazing in such a small bathroom - and I'm glad I was not in there because I would probably be in the ER with my luck. What is my luck, I got that darn thing removed without a hitch, I was going to try and start ripping up the vinyl and finish painting and get it put back before Brian got home, but noooo, it had to tip over and shatter..... now I have to buy a flipping toilet - if you not laughing by now I'm not sure how much funnier I can make this, other than I was laughing so loud that the dog moved to the other room. Guess I'm going to Home Depot this weekend, at least I can just buy one in a box and I don't have to tell them why I have to buy a replacement.

OK, so now I've had a cold and broke the toilet - things always happen in to us in threes, so I decided to set the stage and prep myself for the third thing - here are my guesses; I put my pants on for work tomorrow to find that they are too stinking big and I spend 10 min. looking for a pair that fit and that are ironed, or, I get to work to find my travel coffee cup sitting on my desk - therefore I couldn't use it and I spent 10 min looking for it before I gave up and left the house, or I get to work and find that I put on my running shoes instead of work shoes because it has been a week and I really want to run. Yeah, those sound good for the third thing to go wrong - then I'll be done.

Right, turning the ship around.... I went to the WW meeting around the corner from my house tonight (I was still sick on Monday and didn't go to that meeting). I was apprehensive about going tonight as I was sick all week, I didn't track my intake and I didn't get any 'structured' exercise in (and my 'friend' is visiting). I knew that if I didn't weigh-in then I would just continue on for another week in my rut, so I took the plung, with the excuse in my pocket that I was sick, when I was really just being lazy, I stepped on the scale and was down .4 lbs, which is really a great feeling. Usually during my time of the month I am always up .6 lbs, so I felt a lot better. I will turn this ship around - I ate a frozen lean cuisine for dinner and a skinny cow ice cream for desert and made my lunch for tomorrow. My tracking book is all set up and I am ready to get back on track of tracking....

I really should get to bed - aw crap, it's midnight..... I need to set an alarm to tell me when to go to bed.
Hopefully I will make it out running tomorrow, or at the least a good swift walk, it should be a little stormy, so even a walk would be nice - here comes fall, ready or not.....

Off to bed, really, I'm going this time.....

Monday, September 22, 2008

best laid plans..... aw forget it, i'm sick

so my last post was upbeat and entergetic - that was a week ago. I wish I could rewind a week. It all started with a sick co-worker and a sick husband early last week - I vowed that I would not get sick...... Thursday rolled around, I got a monster project out the door (with no help from the sick-out-of-office co-worker) and the sore throat creeped in.... Skipping out on running at the track seemed like a smart move, I've scared off a cold before with sleep and 'good thoughts'. Friday morning rolled around and after nearly fainting in the shower, I called in sick. I was out for the count. I slept on and off all day. I knew that my run was off and I was bummed. This was going to be my weekend to get the skunk off, run my socks off, enjoy the early hours, but alas, I slept in and continued with the 100lb head and cough. I went to work today and made it almost all the way through the day but faded quickly. I am still not well enough to run, I just don't have the energy. My goal is to walk or do something on Wednesday (that involves walking further than the mail box). This weekend is my parents Alpaca Farm Open House that I will be helping with, so if I run, it would be late on Sunday. Otherwise next week I'll get my mileage back and the weekend before Portland I'll get some mileage in.
Here is where I need some encouragement. I know that I should have gotten in my long mileage weekend in before now, but I am out of time. I have a 15 miler, a 13 miler and lots of 10+ in this summer. I am faster mile/minute and I have all of my gear figured out (the new shoes are only for walking until after the marathon). My worry is that the longest that I have run since the last marathon is 15miles. I am worried that I didn't get enough long miles in and I'm worried that if I try to do it the weekend before that I will do more damage that it's worth.

Right now my goal is to start running during the week this week. Get 8 miles in on Sunday and next week, during the week get in 15 miles (3 x 5miles). The weekend before Portland, run easy, but get in 10 or so miles. Taper during the week before Portland (which is pretty much what my body just forced me to do).

So as of now, that is my plan. I will take my nyquil now and go to bed - a good 10 hours should help, right?!

Thanks for listening to me rant!
Oh yeah, I'll weigh-in on Wednesday (I need to keep my head up though, I haven't ran in a week and I'm sure the scale will know that).

Here is a photo of my niece Haylee at her big brother's third b-day party.

And here is a photo of Darby learning what a swimming pool is, she still isn't quit sure of it - but watching her run and think she could walk on water was VERY entertaining!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Marathon Training Run 20+ miles

I have my 20+ mile training run plan for Saturday morning! My plan is to start out at 6:30am and complete the run in around 5 hours, putting me home in time for lunch and a nap =).

A map of my run is on the left (marathon training run).

I will carry shot blocks, rice crispy treats and everyone's encouragement!

My run takes by the YMCA, the Meeker Trail head, multiple Starbucks and the Puyallup Fair, so I'll have plenty of water/potty stops if needed. It will also get me a few hills, both up and down with plenty of flat even asphalt in between. All of my equipment will be charged and Friday night I will update my i-pod (I still have i-tunes $ from my birthday in April). This is really my simulation run, so all of my clothes will be the same as on race day, down to the undies and the weight in my pack. I am really getting excited for Portland, it will be soooo much different from the lonley Yakima Canyon, but as I have said before that is exactly what I needed at that time in my life. I'll be running Portland with at least 26 less pounds, and I am working hard to try to make it 30 lbs gone! I can wait - I really will be a lean, mean, running macha machine!

I'm running tonight and Thursday at the track with the club, so I should be able to get in 30+ miles in this week!

Run, macha, run!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My first PR! & 25lb gone mark!

My first PR (personal record)! My running career has advanced another level this past weekend. Yesterday I ran the Black Diamond ½ Marathon and I loved it! Last year, I ran this ½ as my first, it means the world to me to be able to run on the roads that I grew up on. Running up the hill down the street from my childhood home was amazing (I used to ride my bike up it and on the good days, I would make it to the top without stopping). Yesterday was one of those good days. I ran up the hills and took quick walk breaks at the top and kept going. I was running strong and practicing my Chi-running – leaning forward, using my core, letting my legs kick behind me, not crossing my arms in front of my body – in the zone! I ran past my parents house on the first loop and said hi to the new baby alpaca – her name is Peyton, yes, Peyton the ‘paca! Then the route continued onto the highway and down the road to my friend Heidi’s house. There were rolling hills, steep, but short hills, a canted road, tons of volunteers, smiles and yells of encouragement from the leaders of the pack as they were passing me (they had already hit the turn-around and they were heading back to the lake). Around mile 7, I caught up to a lady who started walking, giving her some encouragement, she started running with me. It was enjoyable to have someone to talk to, share running stories with, and be able to keep each other moving. Erin picked this race as her ‘come-back’ after having twin girls in March, she was my motivation to keep moving. We made it back up my street and I waved to the Alpacas again, looping back toward Deep Lake, we ran the last 1.7 miles on the soft trail around the lake and we both made it across the finish line with smiles on our faces, she was glad to finish running, not walking (which she did with no problem, even with a head cold – amazing). I did it, two hours and 40 minutes! Last year’s time was 3 hours 4 minutes, a 14:05 pace, this year’s pace was 12:13! I was excited and felt like I could keep running for days, although I was hungry, so I need to work on snacks for my long run next weekend. The only issue that I had was really small blisters starting to form on my arch and heel from the canted road, hopefully that will not be such an issue at Portland. I also had some rubbing from my pants – can it be true, I might need an even smaller size!

Anyway, I stopped by my parent’s house when I was done. My dad checked out my medal and my mom must have congratulated me five times, it felt good. I took their compliments and it kept my smile lasting into the afternoon! I helped get the gutter on the back of the garage for their new rail barrel and mom and I got to pet Peyton, her wool is amazingly soft. I need a photo of the little girl!

I headed home. Brian stayed home doing the grocery shopping and food prep for the week ahead (and watching the Seahawks game). I relaxed, did some laundry, took a nap and smiled the rest of the day. We walked to the grocery store after dinner, I was tired, but still had some energy. I have so many projects in my head, I need to start writing them down. Here are some; Elinor’s baby shower ideas (they are pouring out of my head and I need to get the invitations in the works today), Alpaca Farm Days (setting up a nice display of all of my mom’s products and literature), Portland Marathon (finalizing the trip- dog overnighter, schedule of the weekend, products I will need, new watch battery, i-pod playlist), Bathroom Remodel (tear out the floor and learn how to set tile, baseboard trim, finish painting the cabinet, install the faucet), that’s not even all of them, but see, that is why I run, not so I can clear my head, but so I can come up with new ideas or refine the projects that are already swirling around in there.

Tonight is my weigh-in and I am getting excited, nervous and well very hopeful! I have been doing really well this week, tracking my intake, not using my ‘extra’ points and getting my runs/cross-training and rest in. The scale at home looked promising, but I have to remember that my run yesterday might alter my numbers. We’ll see, I will post my results. I am hoping for the 25 lbs mark tonight – that would make my day, week, month, my year! And if I lose .4 lbs I’ll be happy too – and I’ll work even harder tomorrow!

Keep running, Macha women, keep running!

I DID IT! I MADE IT TO 25LBS GONE!!!! Last nights meeting did go well, I lost 2.4 lbs and passed the 25lbs gone mark - actually I am down 26 lbs and hoping for 30 by the time I run Portland in a few weeks! Less than half way to go! I am soooooo happy!
Have a great day everybody!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bank to Bay!

Whew, kids have unlimited energy! This morning I ran the 10k Bank to Bay in downtown Tacoma and the kids 1k fun run with Abby and Brandon. I will include photos (as I don't have time for a long post) and because I told Abby and Brandon that I would get their photos on the internet!

Here is Abby getting ready to run her first 1k - how cute are her pink skirt and pink mary-janes!

The next photo is of Brandon during the 1k run - he can do 4 miles with his mom, so we're shooting for a 5k as his next race. Check out those kicks!
And here is their finishers photo!

Lisa, Brandon and Abby cheered me on at the finish line - I finished in 1hr 12 min. - a 12min. pace and I was very happy to have them cheering me in!

We are looking at doing the Dawg Dash 5k in October as they allow strollers and dogs! So maybe we'll get the whole crew out there to run it. I'm glad the kids enjoyed themselves - hey they got t-shirts, medals and tons of free stuff at the expo (did I mention that the kids fun run was free).
What a great day! Now I'm off to the running store for a new sports bra - I had a major malfunction during the run (guess it's time for a replacement). After the running store we are taking Darby to my Aunt & Uncle's house to teach her how to swim - it should be a fun evening!

here is a photo of Darby yesterday - we walked to Starbucks and she was 'napping' while I read about ChiRunning.

Have a great day everyone!