Monday, October 6, 2008

YIPPEEEE! another PR

Ok, so I'll work on a long race report, I'm home today recouping - sssh don't tell, I'm not really that sore so I'm doing some cleaning, crafting and hanging out!

Sunday I broke my first marathon record! I ran the Portland Marathon with thousands of others and I finished in 5 hours, 39 minutes and 57 seconds! This is one hour (no really almost exactly one hour, the first was 6:39:52) faster than I finished my first marathon. Can you believe it !!! I attribute it to loosing 28 pounds, training and support of so many fellow runners!

I am elated - long report with photos to come

Thank for the pats on the back as I go through this transformation- and to Rob and 'someone he lives with' who I saw a few times during the marathon and to George K who I saw around mile 9 and gave me a great lift - wasn't it George who a year and a half ago said someday I'll be running a marathon - I gave him a crazy look and said no way - thanks for the inspiration George.

Until later


Thursday, October 2, 2008

ready or not, here I come Portland

Ready or not, Portland here I come! I’ve gotten in two, 5 mile runs this week, a bike ride and tonight another 5 miles in the rain – I’m ready! I’ve been packing all week to make sure that I don’t forget anything, I have my rice crispy treats, shot blocks and s-caps ready. Brian booked us a hotel for Friday night in addition to Saturday, so I can sleep in and the hotel’s spa has a pilates class that I might go to also. Then Saturday we’re going shopping and I am going to find a new pair of jeans! I am now down 28.2 pounds and I have been saving my running/weight loss money, so I’m ready to treat myself to some new clothes. We are also going to hit the marathon expo, which I heard great things about and maybe a trip on the elevated tram, we’ll see how the weather is. We are going to enjoy exploring Portland, I’m going to take it easy and rest and hit the sack early. Our hotel on Saturday is about a mile to a mile and a half away from the start so I will walk to the start for my warm-up. The run starts at 6am so I’ll need that time to wake up also. Anyway, I’m excited and ready. I’ll have a race report when I get back (and hopefully some new cute jeans)!

It’s been six months since my last marathon, here are some things that I have learned, realized or that have hit me;
  • Body glide, apply liberally, even on feet.
  • You need to eat (and the right things) to fuel your body in order for it to run at its optimum level.
  • Chi-running helps my perceived effort level.
  • 28 pounds has been hard to loose, but if you work at it (and follow the weight watchers plan), it really isn’t that hard.
  • Eating right takes a lot of planning.
  • Eating right doesn’t cost more, I’ve only been out to fast food a few times in the past 5 months – it has really cut down on my needless spending on crappy food.
  • Run with friends, you really have more fun and the miles fly by.
  • Try new things on short runs – don’t try something new the week before a race or the day of – go with what you know.
  • Sign up for a lot of runs, it gives you something to train for and look forward to.
  • Include your family in your run/weight loss path, they want to help and you may encourage one of them to take the leap!
  • Take time for family, but also get those early morning runs in – I am working on this!
  • Teach, encourage others to follow their passions – I don’t know how many people are amazed that I am running a marathon, when in reality is has been fairly easy, you just have to start, and keep running, a little bit at a time and some weekends a lot at a time.
  • My face looks smaller, my rings are too big and I have to buy third belt this year – not to mention buying smaller underwear, clothes, and replacing virtually everything in my closet (goodwill has been getting great donations from me this year – yes, I’m getting rid of the clothes as I shrink out of them, I don’t need them hanging around – except of course the one pair of fat jeans for my before and after). I’m even running out of ‘skinny’ clothes in the closet! Not to mention my running wardrobe is getting slim – I guess I should get some new running clothes in Portland also.
  • Take naps after a long run, it’s ok to rest.
  • Enjoy time with friends, watch them grow (I can’t wait to meet the little boy Elinor), Brandon is in kindergarten and Abby is counting to ten! They amaze me every time I see them; I need to see them more.
  • I thought I would lose all of my weight before the end of the year, but slow and steady is how it is going to be, after all, the slower the better, and besides, it’s gone for good, not ‘lost’.
  • Enjoy the journey – thanks for the reminder Michelle.
  • Take a minute and enjoy how far you’ve come, it’s OK to pat yourself on the back once in a while!

Run, macha, run! Portland here I come!!