Saturday, January 9, 2010

update .... activity .... and rambling

I've been trying to sit down to write this blog all week... and something just keeps getting in the way. My goal was to post once a week and now I feel like I'm already behind. Guess the best I can do is start again here and forgive myself (how come that is what I feel like I'm always doing). Anyway.... I started the new year off on the right foot and the left foot and I repeated that for 26.2 miles at the First Call Marathon in Bothell on the first. It was a gloomy, cloudy, misty, rainy day, but I wanted to be there when Michelle crossed the finish line of her 52nd marathon before she turned 52! What an amazing goal and accomplishment - it is really great to see someone set a goal and accomplish it! Go read her blog and give here a kudos!. After the marathon on Friday I was expecting to take it easy for the weekend - ha! I met up with the Y-Run Club on Saturday morning, I was going to walk and then join everyone for coffee after. But I was talking with Monica and I just kinda started running and then it was 4.25 miles later and we were back at the YMCA - this was the first time I had ran the morning after a marathon. I was a little sore from the 26.2, but the short, slow run seemed to flush out my muscles and by Sunday I was like new (hey Michelle I think it worked)!

Saturday afternoon I met up with Jenny, Monica, Michelle, Elaine, Laurie, Lori, Sonya and others to tie blue ribbons on the South Tacoma Way overpass in honor of all of the fallen officers from Lakewood Police Department and Pierce County Sherrifs Office, then we went to the Lakewood Forza Coffee to gather and remember the fallen. It was special time and it was nice to share it with people who have such sincere good intentions and who just wanted to do something to remember the sacrifices these men and women made. It was a really special afternoon.

Sunday I went for a walk with Brian and Darby and got ready for the 'long' regular work week ahead. Monday night I tried to make it to spin class, but got stuck in terrible traffic so I walked on the treadmill and did the excercise bike - it was good, but not nearly as good of a sweat as the spin class. Tuesday I didn't feel like running at all, but I promised Darby that I would take her for a run, so I put my running clothes on and we hit the road. We ran from Emerald Ridge High School, up the hill and to Sunrise and back for 3 miles or so. It wasn't my best run ever, but I got out there and Darby kept my spirits high - dogs are just always happy!

Wednesday night I made it to spin class and made it into my 'last chance workout' ala The Biggest Loser. I worked really, really hard and made the workout count - I kept repeating 'I am strong' 'I am strong'. After the spin class I made it to my Weight Watchers meeting and I rocked the scale! I tracked all week and I was very active and it showed on the scale - I lost 3.6 lbs!!!! So far this week I haven't been as active, but I have still been tracking and I still have a few days to get a lot of activity in!

Today I made it to little Mr. Owen's first birthday party. I was really nice to see everyone get together and celebrate the little Dude's day. I got him a kiddo soccer ball and net, I think he'll be playing before he knows it. I even skipped the cake - ahh the will-power!

Sunday I'm going to run with the Y-Run Club at Point Defiance and get ready for another busy work week ahead - If last week was any indicator I'm in for a duezzy. Oh yeah, I have to get signed up for Haulin' Aspen marathon in Bend in August.

Upcoming races: Pigtails Flat Ass 50k (31 miles) on January 23. West Seattle Fat Ass (50k) on February 7th. I need to make some decisions on races in March - PacRim, Yakima Marathon - guess I'll need to get moving on my schedule....

slow and steady!
Run macha run!