Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tag & Thin-Dependence

I’ve been tagged by Michelle regarding running – I will work on those (something to do during my lulls at work tomorrow.)

I had a great weigh-in last night, now I’m down 13.8 pounds (in 6 weeks)! Today I had a client tell me that my eyes looked really blue because of my nice purple shirt (I found the shirt with the tags still on it in the bag with the receipt in the bottom of the closet – an obvious purchase without trying it on last fall, and that it didn’t fit – I tried it on and now it fits and looks good). This client is about my age +/- and she is becoming a really great person to talk with, I floated all of the way back to the office – she had no idea what an impact that comment made.

Today I had a great moment(s). For all of you skinny people you can skip to the bottom of the post now, you just wouldn’t understand. I squatted while looking at roofing samples on the floor and when getting into a supply cabinet at work. You know, squatting when the back of your thighs touch the back of your calves – for me it hasn’t happened in a long time, I guess I didn’t even notice until I did it today. Yes, it is weird, but it was comfortable, it did not cut off the circulation, guess it’s a sign that all that I am doing is paying off. Well it’s not the only sign, I have moved in to the 4th belt buckle hole – that happened when I was feeling like I was getting a cold on Tuesday. I kept hiking up my pants all day and finally took the belt in a notch. Brian is going to get me suspenders soon if I don’t stop shimming my pants back up to the correct spot =).

Tonight I came straight home and Darby and I started out on a long walk – the sun is finally out (it has been in the 50’s and raining here). We walked down Sunrise, stopped at starbucks for an Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte and headed back home. I just need to be out in the sunshine… We did 2.5 miles – a good afternoon walk. I am still optimistic that all the sleeping I did earlier this week has kept the cold away, but I don’t want to push it, otherwise I would have ran at the track with the Y-run-club. The Sound to Narrows 12k is this weekend. It will be my third year. My first year I was coming off of a broken toe and a sprained knee (don’t ask – it was only a fall down three freakin’ steps onto carpet). Last year, Brian and I ran it together in the rain. This year I’m running it solo – Brian has been having some knee troubles so he is out. I am going to park and ride my bike to the start line to avoid parking aggravation (it is at a park in the middle of a residential neighborhood). So I am excited to be running through the park, zoo and old neighborhood. I have also been putting together my training plan for the Portland Marathon – I will see if I can post my goals for that.

Overall my WW has been a really great experience, next is to see if I can convince my mom to join me…. My WW ‘coach - Candy’ (yes, her name really is Candy) gave us this inspiration for the upcoming summer season;

My Declaration of Thin-dependence:
I pledge allegiance to myself
In quest of my weight goal,
And to the healthy habits for which it stands.
One body…
Under control …
With confidence and new clothes for fall.

Run, macha woman, run!


Backofpack said...

Wow, Jessica, you are doing great! It's good to hear all is going well with you. Moving the belt buckle is a wonderful sign! I don't know if you know this, but I lost 30 lbs about three years ago. About 15 have creeped back on, but that's okay because I was actually too thin. Unfortunately, mine happened through illness and stress, and came off in 2.5 months. It has been great though!

I had a nasty cold this week too - finally 99% over it. I skipped Pilates Monday and running Tuesday and slept in both days - made a world of difference. That and vitamin C.

Good luck at STN tomorrow! I was planning to go, but we are going North to see our parents instead.

Michelle said...

Yes, Wow! Your weight loss is incredible. You're doing so good. And I always love to hear about victories like your squatting down at work. You're getting to use your body in new ways and, for me, that's why I started down this road. Your post sounds so positive and energetic, I just love it!

wendy said...

yay jessica!!!

you need to call me when you go for walks, girlfriend! we should be working out together more!

best wishes for tomorrow. XOXO