Saturday, March 28, 2009

A long overdue update:

It’s been while – a lot has been happening with us the past few months.

Team in Training has been keeping me really busy and I have been doing a great job running every Saturday morning with the group and my fundraising is moving right along – thank you to all of my friends, family, colleagues who have supported me so far!

We received some horrible new in mid-February, my sister found out that her husband has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – the same week that I sent out my first letters for Team in Training which supports The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – that is irony. Justin went to the doctor because he just wasn’t getting over the symptoms of the flu. They did a biopsy and by the end of the week they had the news. My sister is dealing with it quite well, my mom says she is more organized than ever. The entire family has been helping in whatever capacity they can, some babysit so Justin can rest, others take care of some of the bills, and others run for a cure (that’s me – I also babysat all three kids one day). So my involvement with Team in Training has now become very personal. Justin has started his chemotherapy and will continue treatment every two weeks for six months. His kids are ok, the oldest is 3-1/2 so they don’t really understand, they just know that daddy goes to the doctor to try and get better. My sister is working as much as possible to keep some income coming in (and I’m sure it is somewhat of an escape for a few hours each day).

In some wonderful news we found out that Brian’s sister is pregnant and is going to have a baby lovebug in August. They are having a little boy and Brian is excited because he can teach the little guy how to ski (and pester his mom). I am excited to meet the little guy!

On the running front I am getting ready for the Yakima River Canyon Marathon on April 4th. Last year this was my very first marathon – this year I am totally ready! I have four marathons and one 50k under my belt, and I’m a marathon maniac – I am ready! Oh yeah, my belt this year is going to be holding up my pants ‘cause I’m 30 pounds lighter than last year – I can’t wait to run fast through the canyon!

TNT weekly update and some running highlights from the past few months:

Week 1 - 1/31 Vasault Park – first run since my 50k the weekend before. Felt good to get out and run, even better to only run a short distance.

Week 2 - 2/7 Cushman trail in Gig Harbor. Shoe Clinic, I finally have insoles that work and the blisters are gone! Seriously all it took was some new insoles – everyone should go and see Miguel and SR 16 Run/Walk – he knows his shiz!

Week 3 - 2/14 Sand Dunes with brother and dad, I did not do any running, but man I rode that 4-wheeler like it was going out of style – upon our return home on Sunday the 15th we received the sad news that about my brother-in-law.

Week 4 - 2/21 We celebrated Brian’s Birthday in Cannon Beach. I ran 60 min. through town and some on the beach into the wind and rain. I was amazed that I could enjoy site-seeing so much – this is definitely the way I want to spend vacations from now on! We also hiked about 3 miles at Ecola State Park and rocked the trail – maybe I should try some trail running!

Week 5 - 2/28 Orting, Foothills Trail 8 miles – it was a nice flat run.
Week 6 - 3/7 ran from Vasault Park to Wright Park for a total of 12 miles.
Week 7 - 3/14 ran from Vasault Park to Wright Park for a total of 10 miles in the miserable rain. Then finished 3.1 more at Rogers park near my house – it was brutal starting back up after getting warm – at least the sun came out for my second run. I also signed up to be on the National Bone Barrow Registry.

Week 8 - 3/21 – we ran from Vasault Park for 7 miles – it was foggy, but not raining! I finished it off with 13 miles at the Pac Rim (a 24-hr fun run) with Michelle, Jenny and Abi. – Those girls are amazing. Steve, Rob & Jamal also did amazing jobs – maybe next year I’ll take a stab at it. After I finished my miles I whipped up some pancakes and made some grilled cheese for the group. Even in the weee hours they were munching on the grilled cheese!

I will be getting ready for Yakima this week and I can’t wait for 8am on Saturday morning – when I will conquer that canyon!

Here is my photo from last year - yikes - I did carry that 200lbs down the canyon....

Keep on running!


Backofpack said...

You are amazing! I love the contrast of last year's marathon pic with the new you - fantastic! Yakima will be as beautiful and fun as always. Personally, I'm just hoping my legs and toe are recovered by then.

bagelsong said...

I am so excited for you! Thanks for the updates. I was wondering where you disappeared to lately. Way to go on all of your fund raising and training!

Michelle said...

Holy. Cow. I teared up looking at that picture of you. YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE!! And you sound so alive and full of life. I love it! How was the marathon? I just can't believe how far you've come from the first time you did it. I remember reading your race report back then and being humbled, inspired, and just driven to tears. You are doing so incredible! I'm so sorry I haven't been around to cheer you on more. Thank you for all the support.