Monday, June 22, 2009

Part Two of Three

TWO – Tacoma City Marathon (a new PR) – Complete!
OK, I’m not going to get to a full report – I have too much going on… here is the quick version. April sucked – I got life changing news – see next post. I trudged along and ran a couple of times. I opted for the early start at the Tacoma City Marathon – 6am is really early! I ran the entire way with Michelle and Jenny – we talked, laughed, ran in silence and made it across the finish line.

My agenda was to run hard and wear myself out and be active (again see next post). I crossed the finish line in 5:38:28 which was a new PR! This photo after the run says it all – what a group we are and a group that I am proud and happy to be a part of!
How good do we look after running 26.2 miles! Up next - Michelle's Grande Ass Marathon!

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Backofpack said...

I absolutely love that post-marathon photo! It is the best.

I've thought of TCM often - we all had such a good day. You were so brave and optimistic and had such a good attitude about what life was throwing your way. You are amazing!