Tuesday, May 25, 2010

help I'm floundering

help, I'm floundering in a weight gain hell.... someone, somewhere tell me I can do this! I'm letting everything eat away at me, everything in turn is getting eaten.... then I think how far I have to run to burn off that scone - then I just have a cookie at lunch and pass off the run to another day... erggg, aggggg, grrrrr - the cycle then repeats.....

I'm running the North Olympic Discovery Marathon on June 6th with a bunch of gal pals from the y-run club - to say I'm excited is not enough. I just need to get there.

I made it through a rough year, why am I screwing it up now?

Elinor has started running - I ran with her on Sunday, she is going great - and to think little Mr. is only 2 months old. Crap, if she can do it then why can't I?

I finished my outside project at work and I even signed up for my first architecture test - but I need something bigger! What about a trail marathon? What about a vacation? What about the bathroom painted a different color? See what I mean, I'm floundering!!!!!

off to watch the biggest loser - hopefully it will encourage me and not depress me......


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

You are hungry from training. Start keeping a log, drink lots of water and dont eat out of boredom. I find that tea, coffee and gum really help curb my cravings. Hang in there and GOOD LUCK!!

Backofpack said...

Me too! Eating crappola, I mean. Let's pinkie swear to stop! I'm stressing because I don't have a race lined up between R2R and Victoria. I am trying to stick to my "no hot weather marathons" promise, but it's hard. Did you see that we are not having the Grande this year? Too much going on with CCC the weekend before and Plain the weekend after. Maybe you and I should plan some kind of fun training runs - get them on the calendar - to keep us going.

Emily said...

I think you are doing great. Just think of what you have accomplished and overcome in the last year. I am so impressed with you!
I am also having problems with my weight. My problem is different as I am trying not to gain too much weight with this pregnancy. Here is what I was/am trying to do. I am trying to set small goals and limit my yummy snack intake.
Take Michelle up on her offer and do a fun run. I wish I could join you guys.
Please do not count your calories and figure out how much you have to exercise to burn off those calories. It could hurt you more than help you.