Sunday, November 11, 2007

great fall weather runs

well last week flew by, after my 5k run with my running buddy I made it to the YMCA to do step class. Then on Thursday night I came home from work and changed into everything reflective that I own. I suited Darby (my lab running partner) in her very own head lamp around her neck and reflective leash and we hit the sidewalk. We did (5/1) for three sets out and three sets back to the house. We run up Sunrise just down the street from my house - the hill was tough but it helped that it was dark out. We just went through the motions and made it through the 45 minutes or so. It was cool and crisp out, a wonderful evening run. I am just hoping the rain holds off for a bit - it is so much easier to adjust to the time change when it is just dark - not dark and raining.

Yesterday I visited my friend Lisa and her family - her kids are growing up so fast - I remember when Brandon was just a baby - they are great kids though. Her daughter is learning how to talk - I understand most of what she says, but I have to admit I really don't speak baby very well, it still amazes me that she says so many things at 1-1/2! Lisa and I are going to try and get together next Sunday for a run/walk with the kids and I will bring Darby to sidetrack Brandon and keep him interested in the run. We might try running in Normandy Park - looking at all of the houses will keep us entertained for as long as we are out there. I will probably run with the Y club on Saturday morning for a 8-9 miler.

Today I ran on the trail in Orting. I did the 5/1 run/walk and went out five sets and back 5 sets for a total of 72 minutes. If I am running a 12 min. mile then I went about 7 miles (someone check my math). I also noticed that there were orange mile marker on the trail - hopefully someone actually measured the distances. I made it from the parking lot to just past the first hil and bridge - I'll see if I can get some actual distances (for my run on Saturday). I am working on my training for the marathon in April, using the calendar on the PBS marathon show for a draft training schedule. This week I'm cross training in Step Aerobics on Tuesday night. Wednesday a 40 min. run, Thursday running with the Y run club for 45 min. at the track, Saturday 8-9 miles with the Y run club and Sunday with Lisa and kids. I think that I will definitely get my training in this week!

On Saturday we are having dinner with my whole family to draw names for Christmas and to welcome home my brother from Iraq. He got home a few months ago, but we are finally all able to get together. I am bringing a side dish and desert - guess I'm cooking on Saturday also.

Be a kid again and run through the leaves like you mean it!
until later in the week,

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