Monday, November 19, 2007

weekend wrap up

so I left off at Step class last week. Wednesday I was scheduled to run, but it was not going to happen. It was just one of those days, I didn't feel like it and it was probably raining. So I bailed. Thursday night I brought my running clothes to work with all intentions of meeting the running club at the Sumner track for a 35-40 min run. It rained all day and by the time I got near the track it was all I could do to talk myself into it - I ended up wandering around Fred Meyer trying to figure out what to do. I ended up driving up to the Y and running inside on the track (in all of my outdoor clothes). So I ran for 3 laps (equals 1/2 mile) and walked one for 8 sets - drum roll.... for a total of 4 miles running and a little over 1 mile of walk breaks. It felt good to be moving, and after the crowd cleared at the Y, I was running by myself on the track.

I got up and met the Y-run club on Saturday morning - 7:30 and running are still a hard combo - especially on a weekend, but I was out there. I am definitely a slow runner, but I did the loop and I ran 5/1 intervals for a total of 1hr 10min. so I got some miles in. I was hoping to get more in but the group headed back and I figured I should head back so that they didn't send out the search party. I ran a whole bunch of errands and I picked up my new training computer at Road Runner Sports in Kent - along with some new pants (which rock in the cold weather). I got home to play with my new toy and I had the display box - what a bummer! So later that night on my way to dinner with the family I was able to pick up my new toy. I got a Garmin GPS unit that tracks just about everything I am doing while I'm running.

So Sunday I met up with my friend Lisa and we went for a long walk in Normandy Park. I was thinking we would do run/walks but I was enjoying our time to talk so we just kinda kept walking. We walked from the Elementary School down to the Cove and the shore and back up through a neighborhood with amazing houses and back to the school. With my garmin we went 5.1 miles in 1 hour 46 min. I am still trying to figure out how this watch works and getting to download to the computer and working with the program it has - so it will be a learning process. It was a cool morning, but it wasn't raining and we got a good workout in. We are planning on meeting next weekend in Orting to run/walk with the kids and dog and maybe Brian. We should be a sight to see!

On a side note, it is really nice to have so many people to work out with. I really enjoy my Tuesday evenings at Step class with Elinor and it looks like Lisa and I will be able to get our walk/runs in on the weekends. It makes the steps and miles go by so much quicker when you have someone to share them with.

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