Monday, November 19, 2007

dark run

I ran after work tonight - it was really dark, but I had all of my reflective gear and Darby had her head lamp, so off we went. I set up my new garmin and off we went to run up Sunrise. The thermometer read 38 degrees - I was ready (thanks to my new pants from Road Runner - and no I am not paid for the endorsement). We did 5run/1walk with 4 sets out and 4 sets back - 48 min. total. I set up the intervals wrong so my computer did 4 sets and I had to start a second 'interval' session at my turn-around point. So I did a total of 3.52 with an average pace of 14:30-14:35. I knew that I was a little slow, but in the 14's - yikes. Now that I know where I am I can start working on my time. The interesting thing is that the garmin shows me where I am going faster/slower during the interval time - so I will keep running my same course during the week so that I can really hone in on my strengths and tighten up my time. My training schedule calls for 1 cross training and 2, 35-40 min runs during the week - so I will keep the Sunrise loop in my training plans. Overall it felt like a short run - I can feel my stamina building up, the begining 10 minutes are miserable and then I feel like I could run forever (guess that is part of the 14 min/mile thing - I need to pick-up the pace!)

Tuesday night is Step Class, then Brian and I are running the Metro Parks Turkey Trot 5k on Thursday morning with Darby and Friday I am going to the 'Turkey Burnoff' at the Y for two hours. Saturday I will run in the am with the Y-run club and Sunday I am meeting Lisa in Orting. Soooo, I will take Wednesday off this week - I am defiantly in the zone now - there's no turning back.

Here is to running in the Dark - remember this when it is 90 degrees in Yakima for the Marathon! Until later - Jess


E-lo said...

Okay, so I'm tryin to figure out this google blogging. It's not very friendly, but I want to be one of your blogger friends. How do I do that?

jessica said...

I'm not really sure, I am learning also! You are already a friend, maybe you could start a family blog to keep everyone updated on you and Jack...
just keep be in line and on the asphalt =) - jessica