Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A good, no, a great week

Last Tuesday I made it to step class at the Y. Man, it was crowded with Resolution beginners, so I think Margo might have stepped it up a bit (sorry for the bad pun). With all of the people in the room, it felt like it was 95 degrees. My calves were sore the rest of the week, probably from not planting my feet on each step, but I was trying to keep up. Elinor and Carissa were kickin’ butt – they were in class more than I was in December. All in all, I think the step class is a great cross-training tool, it helps me feel better about my overall workout plan and I get some time to chat with the girls during water breaks. Margo said that one of her goals this year is to run 10 miles a week. So I asked her if we could compare mileages at each class on Tuesday, how we did and what we have coming up. The more people that are in that support network the better, right. I should see if she wants to join the Y club on a run….

I ran at the YMCA inside track on Thursday, it was just raining too hard for me to run at Rogers. With my i-pod in tow, I ran 4 miles at a 12 min/mile pace – I was really moving with the music going – it helps that the track is flat. To keep track of the laps without counting on my fingers I put 6 hair bands on my left wrist, after each lap I would move one to the right wrist – this allowed me to run with the music and enjoy myself without counting. I probably looked crazy going around the track with my hair bands on my wrists – then I remembered the early nineties when we thought we were cool, putting our ‘scrunchies’ on our wrists’ – ah the memories! I stopped by the step class at they were getting out and saw Elinor, she said I was looking good for 3.5 miles in, what an awesome comment – it was one of those nights were it clicked – I felt good, I was movin’ – running was fun!

I made to run with the Y running club on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we ran from the Y, in front of Bradley Park, through a housing development and back to the Y. I had a total of 5 miles in. It would sprinkle here and there, but it wasn’t really cold, so I warmed up fast. Michelle, Cat, Rick and Jenny were moving a little faster than I was, so I took the straight route back and they meandered through the park and around Lumberman’s on the way back to the Y. Coffee afterward is a treat, catching up is also nice.

Sunday I met the rest of the Y run club at Chambers Creek Golf Course and ran the trail there. WOW, it was a beautiful, crisp morning and the trail is wide enough for 4+ people. The trail wound down to the water and it was a fast run down. We spotted a small bald eagle and a huge one in the top of a weather beaten tree. I slowed down to my comfortable pace and winded my way through the golf course. I would love to play here someday, but the $100+ price tag will keep me away for a bit. I walked more than ran up the big hill to the clubhouse. Mike got me to run a few times. Then I did a couple out and back on the trail along the road while the rest of the group did another loop. The next time we come here my goal is to do both loops with the group. After coffee some of us headed over to Trader Joes. Another reason to schedule this run in every couple of months. I then went to Mud Bay and got some doggie treats and organic catnip for the ‘kids’.

All in all I had a wonderful week. I logged 13.5 miles plus one insane step aerobics class. Last night we sent my brother off to Dover, Delaware for a month of training and then the Air Force is relocating him to Anchorage Alaska. He also got promoted to Staff Sergeant, so I am really proud of him. After he is settled hopefully we can get up there to see him. It was a tough night, but at least he is home safe from Iraq with no upcoming plans to be sent back, so I am thankful. I applaud everyone who has fought for our country. Thank you!

Keep running and soak in the sunshine when you can!

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wendy said...

fantastic week, my friend!

I expect to hear from you soon. =) My running shoes are calling your name!!!