Tuesday, January 8, 2008

truth be told.

I didn't make it running on monday night. I was 33 degrees when I got home and I was a little afraid that the sidewalks might ice up. It was a nasty drive into work today so I didn't want to risk an injury. Thankfully I have been virtually injury free in my new running career (the gigantic blisters where really my fault - I can't blame the shoes). Tonight I figured out my garmin running computer and I posted my overall number for 2007 on the running website. *don't forget that I didn't start using the computer until late November*

I ran 41.44 miles in 11:24 hours and burned 4,609 calories.

I see that as an accomplishment - I was a 'couch to 5k' member at this time last year.

I have attached a photo of my little buddy Brandon. We got to ride the carousel at Zoolights this past December. Maybe he'll be my new running buddy in the New Year - or he can be my pace car (on his bike).
Maybe his mom and I can conquer the Yakima River Canyon Marathon together in April. OOOOh and get pedicures when we are done.
Off to bed - I have to make it through the rest of the week still and be ready for my 10 miles this weekend - or 6.2 and go with the running club to Chambers Creek in University Place - we'll have to see.
Run like you're having fun!


Backofpack said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing yours! Are you ready enough for the world for me to attach it to the run club site?

I see you are doing Yakima! So are we. It's a great marathon, smaller size, friendly, mostly down hill. The first year Eric did it, it was rainy and cold. Last year was pretty and nice. (Still not 90 degrees though!)

Darrell said...

Hey Jessica, I got here from Michelle's site. Congrats on becoming a runner with the C25K program.

My oldest son did it last year and I got to run his first half with him in December.

Good luck with the marathon training. Me and I suspect a few others will be checking in on you. 8-)

Sunshine said...

Warmest and best congratulations to you. What a great year! Best wishes for 2008.

Donald said...

OK, then - Michelle sent me. Welcome to the blogosphere. It's kind of a strange place.

Good luck with your training!

Journey to a Centum said...

It's not really a strange place, this blogosphere. It's just filled with strange people. Don't be a stranger ;-)


wendy said...

Hey! Look at you, running all over the place, and now a BLOG!

You know, since we are neighbors and all, we really should run a few miles together now and then. And I recently joined the Y, so we could maybe do that too!

Give me a jingle, my schedule gets way better starting this week!

Congrats on the awesome training plans and goals for this year!

Juls said...

Good luck in your training. Also beware, those little guys on wheels go really FAST.

robtherunner said...

Keep up the great running, Jessica! Welcome to the blogosphere!