Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When it rains, it pours.... and pours and pours

Well, last week was, well last week. I got a run in on Saturday morning – 3.5 miles with Darby around the trail at Rogers. It was a fun run, not fast, just moving and she was enjoying the sounds and smells of someplace other than the backyard. Sunday I just couldn’t get out of bed, I was exhausted from ‘commuting’ last week. My in-laws came over with their new dog ‘Abby’ so the dogs could run around the back yard. Together we have Darby and Abby – we can now refer to them collectively as ‘Arby’. It is really fun to watch them romp around, it reminds me that spring is not too far away. My father-in-law showed us his finger that he cut with his new sharp knives – his was not too bad, but made for some jokes about the Christmas present that just keeps giving. He got all of the families one of these dangerous Cabellas knife sharpeners – they work very, very well, we were just used to the dull knives.

Sunday afternoon Brian, Darby and I went for a walk around Sunrise in the afternoon for 3 miles. It was a good brisk walk and it was even sunny for a little bit (I got my vitamin D intake).

Monday night I ran at the YMCA. I ran five miles in 57 minutes – it was my best time ever under twelve minute miles!!!!! They closed the Y early due to inclement weather so I closed the place down at 8:00. I really wanted to keep running to see how fast I could go and because everyone started to leave, I had the track to myself. It felt wonderful. How did I speed up you ask? I looked at my reflection in the glass and noticed that my feet were not really leaving the ground, so I picked up my feet and increased my stride – amazingly enough it worked – all I had to do was speed up and my times improved – who would have guessed. I noticed that I could feel it in my breathing, but that is what happens when you pick-up the pace, right? So, my track work is paying off and so is just keeping with it. I am aiming for one more run this week (about 5 miles) along with step aerobics. This weekend I am running 13 miles on Saturday morning and a 10k Geoduck run at The Evergreen College on Sunday – I can’t wait!

and pours, and pours….

I got home from the Y on Monday night and Brian had made homemade pizza, one of my favorites. He finished slicing the pizza – yes, here it comes…. and was wiping the cheese off the knife and cut his right thumb. Oh man, here we go, it was one week ago that I cut my thumb, and less than a week ago that my father-in-law cut his. I took a look at the cut and Brian agreed that he didn’t think he needed stitches, so off to the band-aid aisle I went. I got some of the ‘wound glue’ and a few more packs of band-aids, along with a chocolate bar for Brian. We are going to throw away the knives (at least that was our solution last night) or dull them down on a 2x4 before using them again. I did read on the ‘wound glue’ package that you can use it for blisters – I wonder if Michelle knows about this stuff – she might need more than 1oz though =)
On another note I am totally still on a running high from last night – tired, but still on my running high – this is totally addictive!

Keep running in the rain and take in the sunshine when you can (and don’t underestimate warning labels that state ‘knives will be sharp after sharpening’ they don’t’ lie).

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Backofpack said...

Okay, I'm sorry, but you guys and your knives are kind of funny! I can say that because I cut myself bad enough to get stitches once a long time ago (shoot, you might not have even been born - 1984!)

I do know about the blister stuff - didn't work for me. I was really hoping too...