Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hydration Test #02, #03 and new sock test.

Last week I tried the camel back – it passed, but need refinement. Last Thursday at the track I tried carrying a water bottle that had a strap on it (designed for running), but between the water condensation, my sweaty hand and the sound of the water it was not working. So Hydration Test #02 failed as a long run solution.

Last night I tried out the Nathan Hydration vest built for women. Michelle was gracious enough to loan me hers to try it out. It fit well, adjusts easily and has pockets in the front to store snacks, phone, ipod, etc. So I ordered mine at REI using my 20% off coupon and it should be here before the big race. Hydration Test #03 worked great.

While browsing at REI I finally found the Smartwool running socks – I have been looking around for them, but I was unsuccessful at finding the ‘running’ version. So I tried them out last night on my run. They felt like I was wearing cozy slippers while running. I had been having blister issues on the insides of my heels and with new SuperFeet insoles the problem had gone away. Now, with the new socks, my feet have never felt better (ok maybe when I was getting a pedicure or when they were buried in the sand in Maui, but you know what I mean). So all in all, I am finally getting my equipment refined.

Last night Darby and I did 4.75 miles around the Sunrise neighborhood. We started out just before sunset (I can’t wait for daylight savings time) and turned our headlamps on and had a great evening run. We even sped up and ran like we were kids going down the hill, I’m sure we are a sight to see! One equipment item that I will work on for this weekend is a tank top or a sports bra top that goes to my waist. The feeling of my tummy is not great when wearing the hydration pack and a tech shirt, so hopefully that will help without making me too warm.
Today is supposed to get to the 60’s and I am planning on running at the track tonight. I can feel spring coming!

Sunday, I have planned a 16 mile journey on the Orting trail and I have recruited friends and family to be at ‘aid stations’ for me and to provide moral support. Everyone has been very supportive and I am glad that I asked for help. I’ll try to take some photos of my ‘support crew’ for the next post. In the meantime, smile, get outside and enjoy the journey!

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Backofpack said...

Glad the pack worked! I tried smartwool socks too. I have problems with wool, and though they worked okay on short runs, not so good on the long run. I ended up with a bright red rash and burning feet. That's just me and my sensitivity issues. See you tonight at the track!