Monday, March 17, 2008

Ready to Run

It has been an emotional week. On Sunday March 9th I finished 16 miles with my friends and family being my 'aid stations' along the Orting Trail. I finished the 16 miles with a 13:30/mile pace, which is about 30 seconds to 1min. faster than normal. I finished strong, with energy and a smile. My support crews were wonderful - Thank you!

The photo is at the half-way point.
I didn't cramp up too bad and I finished out my Sunday. At step aerobics class on Tuesday night, my calves were giving me trouble, it hurt to step down, so I slowed down and took it easy. By Thursday I was hurting (only when I walked) and I did some ill fated internet searching. I was convinced that I had stress fractures. After going to the doctor on Friday and getting x-rays I was feeling a little better. Keep doing R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate).
Saturday I walked while the Couch to 5k group did 25min. of running, I just wasn't feeling that I could do it. I walked with one of the groups little girls, Gracie, she sang Hanna Montana and told me all about how she was going to sign up for t-ball soon. She kept my mind off of the fact that I wanted to run, but it hurt.
Saturday afternoon Wendy and I drove down to Longview where Michelle and Jenny were running the Pac Rim 24 hr run (they were doing 50 miles) and Steve was going the full 24 hrs. Rob and Jamal were already done when we arrived. Wendy and I started running with them around 7 and I finished with them completing 13 miles and feeling great. The energy that Michelle and Jenny had was contagious. They were happy, smiling, and having a great time that I just had to finish with them. I did not have any pain and when Wendy and I finally got back to the hotel after 11pm I stretch and felt fine. Sunday I was walking like nothing was ever bothering me. Today I went to my orthopedic doc. with my x-rays, just to be sure and he said I did what my body told me, I rested and started moving when I was ready. He is a runner also, so he listed to my 'training' plan and suggested that I go cross-training that is non-impact, such as the eliptical machine, biking and swimming - no step aerobics during the week (icing and heat afterwards) and running on the weekends should be fine. He also said that my body will start to adapt to the mileage and this may not be an issue after awhile. Oh yeah, the best news, no stress fractures - now I understand how mental this sport really is.
I'm back on the road again. - More on my run last weekend (and if any of my aid crew is available this Saturday, I could use some help again).
Here is to listening - even if you don't want to hear it.
Oh yeah, Congrats to my crazy running friends, Michelle and Jenny for finishing 50 miles in 14 hours and Steve for finishing 105 miles in 23.5 hours - you guys are amazing. Rob and Jamal will get 106 next year =)


Backofpack said...

You'll never know how much it helped looking forward to you two showing up, and then, having you run with us. It gave us a mental boost, it distracted us, and plain old made the whole thing fun!

I think your training is going great and you will be awesome at Yakima!

wendy said...

Yay, Jessica! I'm glad you're back on track, we need to do a couple runs together, you up for Thursday night???

Thanks again for coming w/ me to Longview. I probably would have never made it to the lake without you (so thankfully you didn't get too scared off by the security guard at the gate!)