Monday, April 7, 2008


I will expand on the details later, but I finished my first marathon on Saturday and I am still walking - well limping. More of a report and photos to come, but I wanted to thank everyone for coming over to support me at the finish and for all of the training runs I drug everyone through.

I have some reflecting to do, some do's and don'ts for next time - yes there will be another Marathon - I'm not sure where or when, but I have to try and beat my PR - what an adicting sport!

A special thank you to my husband who has been so patient through my hours of training. I'm looking forward to spending some time in the garden and going on a quick trip to the ocean without a run as the focus.

My next 'race' is the Tacoma City Half Marathon in about a month, so it will be a light month of training - this time I will get some hills in before hand!

Thanks again to everyone who has supported me!



Gotta' Run! said...

Jessica, YOU ROCK! Congratulations. I thought about you several times on Saturday and wondered how you were doing. I hope you had an awesome first marathon! Heal up! Cat.

Backofpack said...

It was great to see you coming out of the canyon with a HUGE smile on your face! Completing your first marathon, on your own, on a quiet and lonely course, is an amazing accomplishment. Way to go!

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

Way to Go ! You are fantastic! I know what you mean about those stairs. It does go away the more you run!

wendy said...

yay, jessica!!!

congrats, and I'm so glad to hear you finished with a big smile.

Darrell said...

It's a great feeling, huh? Congratulations.

Thanks to Michelle for sending me your way.

E-lo said...

Jess, CONGRATULATIONS! It was so awesome to watch you run across that finish line, still smiling! I'm so very very proud of you. Maybe next year we can do it together. Then we'd each have someone to talk to on that long run! :) Hope you're aches and pains are subsiding...

Love ya!

Michelle said...

what kind of Garmin do you use?