Monday, March 31, 2008

Always be prepared

I am preparing for my first marathon this coming saturday and I am trying to keep my nerves in check. I ran 19.8 miles two weekends ago with a steady 14 min. pace (it's maybe slow, but it's steady, even at the end). I finished with a blister on the arch of my foot, which has healed and should not return thanks to some 'remodeling' to my insole. My goal was to get in a long run with all of my gear and see how it went - I passed, I think I am ready.
Now, I am trying to get everything coordinated, packed, purchased, etc. for Friday, which is coming quicker than I thought it would. I have neighborhood meetings tonight and tomorrow night, a short, easy workout on the eliptical on Wednesday and then it is laundry, packing and list making..... If I find the energy and the time I will try to get another post in before the weekend - thanks again to all of my loyal family and friends who have been out on the trail supporting me and who are making the trip to see me finish - I love and need your support.
Oh yeah, I have to download a few more songs into the i-pod - guess I know where my free moments went. I should start a list, no I should start laundry, no I should go to bed...... aaahahhhhh!, deep breaths, look how far I have come. I'll get a good nights sleep and start my lists tomorrow.
If only I had this to drink:

Some of my support crew (Brian, his mom Sherri and Darby):

And if I could only get the smell of the blossoms to go through the computer... (it won't be long i'm sure).

Thank you everyone for your support - I will carry it with me on my 26.2 mile adventure.
G O M A C H A!


Backofpack said...

Deep breath. It's taper madness, that's all. You'll be fine. Take my advice and pack EVERYTHING. That way you have options on race morning. I'm still trying to figure out how to carry my Rice Krispy treats!

wendy said...

yay, jessica!

I'm a little bummed I won't be there, but know I'll be thinking of you!!!

Love, W

wendy said...

I didn't get to call you today, but I'm thinking of you now! I hope you end with a smile on your face, as always!

~ W