Friday, July 18, 2008

a few more things

A few more things that I’ve been thinking about since yesterday.

Michelle reminded me of my first marathon description – I re-read it and got all misty eyed, I really needed that run to awaken me. I have so much that I want to do, experience, teach, learn. I really, really needed that experience in the canyon.

This weekend I am going to the lavender festival in Sequim – ah my love of lavender, anything that is lavender – lavender lemonade, lavender soap, lavender, lavender, lavender! Brian might be fighting fires, if so, then I’ll go on my own – oooh and maybe take my bike….

I ordered a bracelet from a lady at the farmer’s market at lunch yesterday and I can’t wait to pick it up next week (I know it sounds weird, but you’ll all want one once you see it). Photos will follow – I’ll SOOO excited. I also got some carrots, snap peas, blueberries and a basil plant, I’ll have to do some cooking this weekend.

A few weeks ago I read an article in Runner’s World about two mom’s training for a marathon and one of the ladies would pay herself a dollar for every mile she ran. After she finished the marathon she had $750 hard earned dollars to spend entirely guilt free and on herself. So, I started my stash at the beginning of July and I have $11 whole dollars saved (don’t forget I’ve been sick for a week and a half, so I haven’t been running too much). I also decided to up the ante and I will be taking my weekly weight loss and rounding up or down the number of pounds and stashing that also (I will need new clothes anyway). Then I thought I should have been doing this from the start of my weight loss, so in order to make up time, I am going to double my weight loss. So I’ve lost 3.2+1.8 *2 = $10!!! This is like the gold stars in first grade… it sounds lame, but once you get a gold star or twenty-one dollars in your stash it isn’t so lame. For security purposes I will not post my stash values =), but I will let you all know how much I get to spend after the Portland Marathon (oooh, and it is all sales tax free in Oregon)!

Oh yeah, I ran with the Y-club at the track/park last night and ran the park loop with Sydnee (she ran the Yakima marathon as her first also, she is young and fast). We got 3 miles in and according to her Garmin we did 11:40 min/miles – Holy guacamole!!!!! I was pushing it a little, but we were still carrying on a conversation, so I wasn’t totally maxed out. I know that on longer runs I will be a little slower, but it is really encouraging to get some fast times under my belt, especially after being sick for a week and a half.

Hopefully I’ll have some ‘after 20 lbs’ gone photos from this weekend – hmmm, what to do this weekend, here is my list (in no specific order and don’t worry- I make lists that I know that I cannot finish – that’s just me); mow the lawn, lavender festival, hiking near Mt. Rainier, running a leg of the Michelle's Grande Ass Marathon with the Y-club run on Sunday, hooking up my drip irrigation in the backyard, eating salad from the garden, compiling a birthday package for my brother, download recipes, grocery shopping, washing the car, ironing my skinny clothes for next week, start the concrete forms for the garden shed, hmmm, anything else…. We’ll see.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Run Macha Woman Run!


Michelle said...

Yes, that race report will pull at your heart strings, that's for sure. "I really needed that run to awaken me", and boy did it. The momentum just shines through in your posts. Your weekend sounds fabulous. Have fun! Oh and yes, take your bike if you can :)

Michelle said...
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Backofpack said...

Sounds like a busy weekend. I have yet to make it to the farmers market - I'd like to get a basil plant, so I'll have to try to get down there. Eric and I have been enjoying sliced tomatoes with salt, pepper and a basil leaf on top - an intensely flavored, zero point snack!

Emily said...

Love your new profile picture.

Michelle said...

Love the new picture! Great job! Wow, I can really see a difference. Very nice scenery too with the lavender. And your husband is a hottie!