Thursday, July 24, 2008

through the woods, down the hill and over the river we go...

Well I survived last week – I won’t dive into my gastrointestinal issues (I took antibiotic for my sinus infection – which killed all of the good digestive things in my tummy, so when I started eating my normal menu full of fiber I felt like a big bloated blimp). God I love google – I’ve laid off fiber and I am eating enough live yogurt cultures to get back to normal. Needless to say I gained .6 lbs last week, but hey, I am listening to my body and I figured out what to change.

Last week I had a huge to-do-list, here is a recap….
mow the lawn - check, lavender festival - check, hiking near Mt. Rainier (maybe next weekend), running the Starbucks to Starbucks Y-club run on Sunday - check, hooking up my drip irrigation in the backyard (I thought about it, but didn’t do it), eating salad from the garden – check, kinda, I’ve been eating it for lunch this week, compiling a birthday package for my brother (which got mailed off earlier this week), download recipes (maybe on a cloudy day), grocery shopping (thanks Brian), washing the car (Brian and I both tackled it), ironing my skinny clothes for next week - check, start the concrete forms for the garden shed (yeah, not so much).

I ran with the Y-club on Sunday from Starbucks in Puyallup near the YMCA down the hill to the Starbucks in Sumner for a total of 6.58 miles. It is leg 1 of Michelle’s Grande-Ass Marathon, which I am running in as part of a relay team (each person’s leg is still to be determined). The group that showed up in the morning was the ‘fast’ group, I was a little nervous, but I had a map that George printed out and I was fine knowing that I was going to be a little slower. So we took off, about a ½ mile in Patch came back and started running with me – he said he wanted a little slower pace. So we weaved our way down the hill and through the valley, under the bridge and over the Sounder train tracks into downtown Sumner (and we did go through the woods, but not to grandmother’s house). I said hi to all of the other runners as they were taking off from the Sumner Starbucks and heading to the Starbucks by the river in Puyallup. I had a strong run and I didn’t want to push it too far (my tummy was still a little upset). Brian and Darby were waiting for me and we sat for a bit and skimmed through the newspaper in the sunshine – I love mornings like this. I did get a huge blister on the ball of my foot – probably 2” long. It is healing up and I guess I need to be paying more attention to my feet – does anyone give runner’s feet pedicures? ‘cause these babies need one!

Last night I met up with Wendy and we ran to the WW meeting and back for a nice 3.3 miles. I was up .6 pounds, but I am fine with a little up and down, slow and steady right?! – I am running a lot more, which is tricky to get enough fuel without going over my points, I’m a work –in-progress.

Tonight I am going to run on Ruston Way in Tacoma as I have CPR training until 7pm and can’t make it to the Y-club run at the track. I thought it would be nice to change it up a bit, plus I’ll be able to run in the daylight, I’ll run for an hour or maybe for 5 miles – we’ll see what the pace feels like.

Saturday we are planning on going to the Dog-a-thon and enjoying the day (oooh, maybe I can run it with Darby…). Sunday I’ll try to get in some miles – maybe 8 or so.

I also picked up my ‘run-macha-run’ bracelet from the farmer’s market at lunch – it will make me smile all day and through my run tonight – it made my day! I’ll post photos later (and the lady’s contact info in case anyone wants one – she can customize).

Until later,


wendy said...

you are a running machine! YAY!

Michelle said...

Yes, the exercising and Points thing is tricky. It's hard to know sometimes what the right thing to do is. But you're so right to listen to your body in general. Wendy said it perfectly, you ARE a running machine!