Wednesday, July 9, 2008

summer colds are no fun

Today is my weight watchers meeting and I am hoping for a loss. I have done really well this past week – I ran 7miles (with hopes of more but a cold got in the way), I ate all of my ‘flex’ points and I feel like the detox from vacation worked. Brian came home from fighting fires on Monday night and he was tired, I had caught a great head cold and was in and out of work the past couple of days just trying to survive so we are passing in the night again. I finished my training schedule over the long weekend, but I am now behind due to this crazy summer cold – so I’ll catch up in the next few weeks.
I did find some new running shoes, it was time, the last pair got me through my first marathon and I didn’t want to have to get new shoes right before the next one. I might try to find a second pair in a month or two so that I can alternate them – we’ll see.

I ran the 4 on the 4th in Steilacoom and I really enjoyed the morning run. There were booths set up and I did some window shopping before the run. I also ran the 4 miles in 47min. under a 12 min. mile !!!!! I was so proud of myself, I even made it up the hill to the finish without stopping. Michelle finished under 40 min – single digits miles – she is going to have to change her name from ‘Back of the Pack’ to speedy Gonzales….. it is great to see her smiling and enjoying her fast pace.

My father-in-law is doing the Seattle to Portland bicycle race this weekend and we might be a support vehicle which means I could run in Longview and in Portland this weekend, it sure would be nice to run in Portland before the marathon (I mean it would be great to be his support staff and see him finish =)). Hopefully we’ll be able to help, I just hope I don’t get the bug and decide I want to try the race next year – I should prepare Brian for this now…..
Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful summer weather. I’ll kick this cold to the curb – I’ve had enough rest for awhile and I really NEED to go running.

Go macha, go!!! Sniff, cough, sniff…..


Michelle said...

Are those shoes you're considering buying? or just a random pair you found to match the post. or the ones you have now? Anyway, they're cute.

Summer colds bite! Who wants to sniffling when it's all warm and pretty outside. A trip to Portland sounds good to me. GL on your WI!! Remember, sometimes you don't see results from a "good week" until the following week.

Backofpack said...

Glad to hear Brian made it home safe and sound. Hope you start feeling better soon. Maybe I'll see you at the track tomorrow night!

wendy said...

oh, hope you feel better soon!

Um, just when I think I can run with you, you go and speed up! =) It's hard to keep a running buddy at the back of the pack with me. ;-) Seriously, soooo happy for you!