Thursday, July 3, 2008


I went to the WW meeting last night and I gained….. 1.8 lbs. – at least I’m still at 15 lbs. lost – and hey, life happens, next vacation I will be more active and eat more wisely. I’m glad that Wendy decided to join me at the meeting, I think she will enjoy it and I know that having her there last night made the gain bearable (otherwise I would have beat myself up during the whole meeting). Now that I am home from vacation, I am totally on track again, all of my ‘safe’ foods are ready, I can pack my lunch and I have fruit again. Although I am having a triple latte this morning as I still have not caught up on my sleep and last night we had thunderstorms and lighting, so I didn’t sleep too soundly. Both Michelle’s gave great pep talks – thank you for the comments, support is key on this journey.

My husband is off fighting wildfires in Eastern Washington (he left a few hours after I got home from Alaska), so my nerves are a little more rattled than normal, but he loves his job and knows to be safe. I am planning on running tonight at the track with Wendy and I will probably get in a long run or two this weekend, oooh and maybe a quick hike with Darby on the 4th. I will work the 1.8 lbs off before I know it!
I’ll get some photos up soon, have a great 4th everyone and steer clear of the potato salad – it will kill ya…

This is not a great photo, but here is Wendy and I finishing the Tacoma Half Marathon in the beginning of May (before the weight loss journey began – I can’t wait for my race photo at Portland – remember… lean mean running machine!!!!!)


Backofpack said...

Come run Four on the Fourth tomorrow! Four miles in Steilacoom, downhill, flat then finish uphill. It's fun! It's at 9:00, day of race reg is available and it only costs like 10 or 15 dollars. I'll see you at the track tonight, though I'll be walking.

Michelle said...

Vacations will do that to you. You've got the right plan though, just get right back on track. I actually think taking time off from following the plan for vacations is such is key to making it work long term. As long as you don't go too crazy, which you obviously didn't or you wouldn't have gained only 1.8 pounds. Glad you had support at the meeting. Those first few gains are hard to face. You get used to it some but they're rarely fun. Though they can be motivating. Anyway, welcome home!