Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bank to Bay!

Whew, kids have unlimited energy! This morning I ran the 10k Bank to Bay in downtown Tacoma and the kids 1k fun run with Abby and Brandon. I will include photos (as I don't have time for a long post) and because I told Abby and Brandon that I would get their photos on the internet!

Here is Abby getting ready to run her first 1k - how cute are her pink skirt and pink mary-janes!

The next photo is of Brandon during the 1k run - he can do 4 miles with his mom, so we're shooting for a 5k as his next race. Check out those kicks!
And here is their finishers photo!

Lisa, Brandon and Abby cheered me on at the finish line - I finished in 1hr 12 min. - a 12min. pace and I was very happy to have them cheering me in!

We are looking at doing the Dawg Dash 5k in October as they allow strollers and dogs! So maybe we'll get the whole crew out there to run it. I'm glad the kids enjoyed themselves - hey they got t-shirts, medals and tons of free stuff at the expo (did I mention that the kids fun run was free).
What a great day! Now I'm off to the running store for a new sports bra - I had a major malfunction during the run (guess it's time for a replacement). After the running store we are taking Darby to my Aunt & Uncle's house to teach her how to swim - it should be a fun evening!

here is a photo of Darby yesterday - we walked to Starbucks and she was 'napping' while I read about ChiRunning.

Have a great day everyone!


Michelle said...

Wow, you're looking so healthy and fit! I love the kids' pictures and you with the dog. So cute!

Michelle said...

How'd the big hill go? Hope you had fun riding your bike!!