Monday, September 15, 2008

My first PR! & 25lb gone mark!

My first PR (personal record)! My running career has advanced another level this past weekend. Yesterday I ran the Black Diamond ½ Marathon and I loved it! Last year, I ran this ½ as my first, it means the world to me to be able to run on the roads that I grew up on. Running up the hill down the street from my childhood home was amazing (I used to ride my bike up it and on the good days, I would make it to the top without stopping). Yesterday was one of those good days. I ran up the hills and took quick walk breaks at the top and kept going. I was running strong and practicing my Chi-running – leaning forward, using my core, letting my legs kick behind me, not crossing my arms in front of my body – in the zone! I ran past my parents house on the first loop and said hi to the new baby alpaca – her name is Peyton, yes, Peyton the ‘paca! Then the route continued onto the highway and down the road to my friend Heidi’s house. There were rolling hills, steep, but short hills, a canted road, tons of volunteers, smiles and yells of encouragement from the leaders of the pack as they were passing me (they had already hit the turn-around and they were heading back to the lake). Around mile 7, I caught up to a lady who started walking, giving her some encouragement, she started running with me. It was enjoyable to have someone to talk to, share running stories with, and be able to keep each other moving. Erin picked this race as her ‘come-back’ after having twin girls in March, she was my motivation to keep moving. We made it back up my street and I waved to the Alpacas again, looping back toward Deep Lake, we ran the last 1.7 miles on the soft trail around the lake and we both made it across the finish line with smiles on our faces, she was glad to finish running, not walking (which she did with no problem, even with a head cold – amazing). I did it, two hours and 40 minutes! Last year’s time was 3 hours 4 minutes, a 14:05 pace, this year’s pace was 12:13! I was excited and felt like I could keep running for days, although I was hungry, so I need to work on snacks for my long run next weekend. The only issue that I had was really small blisters starting to form on my arch and heel from the canted road, hopefully that will not be such an issue at Portland. I also had some rubbing from my pants – can it be true, I might need an even smaller size!

Anyway, I stopped by my parent’s house when I was done. My dad checked out my medal and my mom must have congratulated me five times, it felt good. I took their compliments and it kept my smile lasting into the afternoon! I helped get the gutter on the back of the garage for their new rail barrel and mom and I got to pet Peyton, her wool is amazingly soft. I need a photo of the little girl!

I headed home. Brian stayed home doing the grocery shopping and food prep for the week ahead (and watching the Seahawks game). I relaxed, did some laundry, took a nap and smiled the rest of the day. We walked to the grocery store after dinner, I was tired, but still had some energy. I have so many projects in my head, I need to start writing them down. Here are some; Elinor’s baby shower ideas (they are pouring out of my head and I need to get the invitations in the works today), Alpaca Farm Days (setting up a nice display of all of my mom’s products and literature), Portland Marathon (finalizing the trip- dog overnighter, schedule of the weekend, products I will need, new watch battery, i-pod playlist), Bathroom Remodel (tear out the floor and learn how to set tile, baseboard trim, finish painting the cabinet, install the faucet), that’s not even all of them, but see, that is why I run, not so I can clear my head, but so I can come up with new ideas or refine the projects that are already swirling around in there.

Tonight is my weigh-in and I am getting excited, nervous and well very hopeful! I have been doing really well this week, tracking my intake, not using my ‘extra’ points and getting my runs/cross-training and rest in. The scale at home looked promising, but I have to remember that my run yesterday might alter my numbers. We’ll see, I will post my results. I am hoping for the 25 lbs mark tonight – that would make my day, week, month, my year! And if I lose .4 lbs I’ll be happy too – and I’ll work even harder tomorrow!

Keep running, Macha women, keep running!

I DID IT! I MADE IT TO 25LBS GONE!!!! Last nights meeting did go well, I lost 2.4 lbs and passed the 25lbs gone mark - actually I am down 26 lbs and hoping for 30 by the time I run Portland in a few weeks! Less than half way to go! I am soooooo happy!
Have a great day everybody!


Gotta' Run! said...

Jessica - I was hoping you had written up your race report! I loved it - felt like I was there running with you. Wonderful!!


Michelle said...

Wow!! You are so impressive. On a real roll and working so hard. It's great to get that weight loss confirmation isn't it? You are feeling so great, it just pours out of your writing. I'm so so so happy for you on your running and everything! Yay! Happy times!!

Backofpack said...

Whoo-hoo Jessica! A PR in racing and in weight loss - you totally rock!

Cyndi said...

Jessica ~ Great job on the 1/2 marathon and the 25 pound milestone! I can feel your excitement - keep up the great work!