Friday, July 6, 2012

glass is half empty... nope MY glass is half FULL

is the Glass half emtpy.....

Lower Back hurts/aches

Don’t like to sit in my office chair

Lack of motivation

Likes to sleep, but it’s too much

Can’t wake up to an alarm no matter how much I try

Took an evening nap then went to bed

Darby needs her walks but I’m not taking her

Broke/poor/NO money

Big rewards seem too far away

Don’t want to grocery shop cause it costs money

Can’t just enter any race (no money)

Most of my closet doesn’t fit

I belong to a gym but don’t go very often

I got braces put back on

Let’s change this –

The Glass is Half Full!

I’m healthy

I have an amazing best friend

I have a lot of wonderful friends that support me

I have a great job, great boss and great co-workers

I’m over half way to getting my Architecture License

I have a roof over my head

My dog battled cancer and won – thanks Summit Vets!

My dog smiles or winks at me every day

My dad, brother, sister and extended family love me

I am able to turn lemons into lemonade

My jeans still fit

I rode a Harley on the 4th of July

I found an amazing therapist

My physician knows how to help me

I found a trainer at the gym who pushes me

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest were the weather is just right

Dash Point State park is right out my door and a great place to walk the dog

I found an amazing Weight Watchers Leader.

I’m going on a walk at lunch today in the sunshine (I have my sunscreen on)

I have a running club that always welcomes me back.

I have more running shoes than regular shoes

My apartment is mine, all mine (well, technically Darby-dog’s too)

I’m fixing my teeth/bite with braces and they were free (thanks Drs. Molen)

My finger nails are long (thanks to the braces)

I’m a cool Auntie to my nieces and nephew and tons of other kiddos!

I called a Real Estate Agent today to see if I can get a house (condo, someplace of my own).


Backofpack said...

And this, dear Jessica, is why I love you. I've said it before - you are the most positive person I know! I love your attitude, I love your smile, I love your sense of humor. And I love that you know how fill up your glass with lemonade. Keep it up, girl!

By the way, we still have that fabulous guest room for glass-fillers who need a run with a friend and some time to relax...

Michelle said...

Yes, I love it. Focus on what's right, what's working, what's going well, and focus on what you want to achieve (not on what you're afraid of). Start where you are, do what you can, and celebrate and acknowledge every positive step along the way. Make small goals, set low expectations and then achieve them. You were so very inspiring to me when you did that marathon - I'd love to give some of that inspiration back.