Monday, December 10, 2007

Sunny Saturday!

I will get to covering the past couple of weeks in a bit - I have been running, just not as much - really I just need to download my Garmin and give a rundown.

This past Saturday morning I rolled out of bed at 7:00 and headed to Burien to meet Lisa and her daughter Abby. I left the pup at home, her feet have been bugging her from doggy daycare so I gave her the day off. We piled in the mini-van and headed out to the airport road where Lisa usually does her workout. We walked from the school, under both runways to the stop light, back the car wash and back to the stop light. Then one more full lap before we were done. Sneaking a peek at my Garmin we went 4.69 miles in 1 hr 18min for a good swift pace in the cool morning air. It was sunny out and a great way to start the weekend. I got Abby a pair of pink mittens, that she kept on the whole way. Maybe it's just different when they are a gift versus when you mom makes you wear them. Ah to see joy in a 1year old with something as simple as $1 mittens! Here is a photo of Abby in the van when we were done, she looks like she enjoyed herself.

I will try and give a run down of the past few weeks, but first here is my plan for the rest of this week. Tuesday, run the track at the Y before Step class with Elinor. Wednesday night - see if Darby's feet are ok to do a short run - 40 min up to Sunrise Blvd. Thursday night - long run at Sunrise - 60 min. minimum! Saturday or Sunday - 2 hr run - however far that is. Cross your fingers for good weather. It has been crazy around here lately. We had a light dusting of snow yesterday while we were decorating the christmas tree - tis the season.
Keep running (even in the rain) and remember you're not made of sugar - you will not melt!

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