Monday, January 7, 2008

Here is to a new year!

It’s been awhile. The holidays were good to us, we enjoyed time with family, time with each other and time at home. Our lovely dog kept us busy right before Christmas and for about a week with tummy troubles (to put it politely). Anyone who has heard us tell the story or saw us with no sleep on Christmas understands (every 2 hour potty trips were no fun). Anyway, after all of the holiday hulabalu I developed a nasty cold and I am still a little congested. I went for a 5 mile walk on Sunday the 30th with Darby down in Orting on the trail. We were doing 16 min/miles and grovin’ to my new i-pod. After I got home I saw the news report that a cougar had been spotted by the river in Orting. I must have scared it away with my singing!

I went out at lunch today and saw two runners along Ruston Way in Tacoma – I felt envious, yes I actually would have rather been running on a sunny 40 degree lunch hour than driving in my car. So when I get home today, I am bundling up, putting on my reflective gear, headlamps and getting Darby suited up and going for a run. I am still a little congested but I am sick and tired of being sick. Tomorrow I am planning on going to the Y to do step class with Elinor and Carissa and Wednesday night is a candle party at Elinor’s house.
The Y running club has been posting their garmin totals for 2007 and they are amazing. These people are dedicated. I have been fighting my garmin to get the information to download onto my computer – I sent a message to tech support a week or so ago and finally got a response – so I’ll try that after my run tonight. I really want to be able to use the computer tracking program.

Here is to a new year – the year that I complete a marathon!

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