Monday, September 22, 2008

best laid plans..... aw forget it, i'm sick

so my last post was upbeat and entergetic - that was a week ago. I wish I could rewind a week. It all started with a sick co-worker and a sick husband early last week - I vowed that I would not get sick...... Thursday rolled around, I got a monster project out the door (with no help from the sick-out-of-office co-worker) and the sore throat creeped in.... Skipping out on running at the track seemed like a smart move, I've scared off a cold before with sleep and 'good thoughts'. Friday morning rolled around and after nearly fainting in the shower, I called in sick. I was out for the count. I slept on and off all day. I knew that my run was off and I was bummed. This was going to be my weekend to get the skunk off, run my socks off, enjoy the early hours, but alas, I slept in and continued with the 100lb head and cough. I went to work today and made it almost all the way through the day but faded quickly. I am still not well enough to run, I just don't have the energy. My goal is to walk or do something on Wednesday (that involves walking further than the mail box). This weekend is my parents Alpaca Farm Open House that I will be helping with, so if I run, it would be late on Sunday. Otherwise next week I'll get my mileage back and the weekend before Portland I'll get some mileage in.
Here is where I need some encouragement. I know that I should have gotten in my long mileage weekend in before now, but I am out of time. I have a 15 miler, a 13 miler and lots of 10+ in this summer. I am faster mile/minute and I have all of my gear figured out (the new shoes are only for walking until after the marathon). My worry is that the longest that I have run since the last marathon is 15miles. I am worried that I didn't get enough long miles in and I'm worried that if I try to do it the weekend before that I will do more damage that it's worth.

Right now my goal is to start running during the week this week. Get 8 miles in on Sunday and next week, during the week get in 15 miles (3 x 5miles). The weekend before Portland, run easy, but get in 10 or so miles. Taper during the week before Portland (which is pretty much what my body just forced me to do).

So as of now, that is my plan. I will take my nyquil now and go to bed - a good 10 hours should help, right?!

Thanks for listening to me rant!
Oh yeah, I'll weigh-in on Wednesday (I need to keep my head up though, I haven't ran in a week and I'm sure the scale will know that).

Here is a photo of my niece Haylee at her big brother's third b-day party.

And here is a photo of Darby learning what a swimming pool is, she still isn't quit sure of it - but watching her run and think she could walk on water was VERY entertaining!

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Backofpack said...

Your plan sounds good. You'll be fine without your long run because you have a strong base. Just be sure to pace yourself, leaving energy for the end - don't bust out those miles too fast at the start! Right now, rest and recovery is most important. You want your energy levels back to normal before race day - take some vitamins, get lots of sleep, drink LOTS and listen to your body. If you go out for the eight miler and fade, then give yourself a break. You gotta get back to normal before Portland! Trust the training you've done to carry the day!