Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Marathon Training Run 20+ miles

I have my 20+ mile training run plan for Saturday morning! My plan is to start out at 6:30am and complete the run in around 5 hours, putting me home in time for lunch and a nap =).

A map of my run is on the left (marathon training run).

I will carry shot blocks, rice crispy treats and everyone's encouragement!

My run takes by the YMCA, the Meeker Trail head, multiple Starbucks and the Puyallup Fair, so I'll have plenty of water/potty stops if needed. It will also get me a few hills, both up and down with plenty of flat even asphalt in between. All of my equipment will be charged and Friday night I will update my i-pod (I still have i-tunes $ from my birthday in April). This is really my simulation run, so all of my clothes will be the same as on race day, down to the undies and the weight in my pack. I am really getting excited for Portland, it will be soooo much different from the lonley Yakima Canyon, but as I have said before that is exactly what I needed at that time in my life. I'll be running Portland with at least 26 less pounds, and I am working hard to try to make it 30 lbs gone! I can wait - I really will be a lean, mean, running macha machine!

I'm running tonight and Thursday at the track with the club, so I should be able to get in 30+ miles in this week!

Run, macha, run!


wendy said...

Holy smokes, GF! You ROCK@!!!!

I have to work this weekend or I'd tag along for a tiny bit with you - but I'm free Thursday if you want an easy run!

Backofpack said...

If I don't see you at coffee, then good luck on the long run! I'd say Portland is going to be a lot easier with 30 lbs less - just make sure you don't end up carrying that much in your pack (hah!).